I offer a variety of adventures for the curious, playful, and intentional explorer.

Choose your experience and expand your world of pleasure…


How to Prepare...

I recommend a 2o minute phone consultation for all new clients to introduce our energies and allow you to freely ask questions not answered here.

I offer these for $50 and they can be credited toward your deposit.

Screening is required to enter my intimate space. Please proceed HERE.



My sessions can range from playful, indulgent companionship, to explorative and deeply healing journeys.

I am experienced in using a variety of consciousness-expending medicines, toys and equipment, deep massage, crystal & reiki healing, and tarot readings in any and all sessions.

Please indicate in your form if you desire these tools.



The Danny Gold Experience

I’m your teacher, confidante, and a surrogate play mate. I’m here to nurture and explore your desires and curiosities.

This session is open, kind, romantic, and offers boundless intimacy. Be treated like the most important person in the universe – because you are!

1000 90 min

1300 2 hours

2200 4 hours

3000 6 hours

3500 8 hours

Shadow Work

BDSM, Fetish, & Kink

In this realm, I foster the shadows of sensuality.

These sessions include more intense, impactful experiences for those looking to explore special interests.

My dedicated fetish page has more details on my availability to cater to your needs.

90 min – 1300

2 hours – 1600

4 hours – 2500

6 hours – 3300

8 hours – 3800


Those who look to take a deeper journey into sensuality should opt for a dedicated retreat.

These can happen in Los Angeles, a destination of your choice, or in your home city within the US.

These sessions all include a free phone consultation to discuss how to cultivate the best experience for you and your unique desires.

October Specials

4000 (500 off) – 16 Hours

4500 (1000 off) – 24 Hours

8500 (1500 off) – 48 Hours

Retreats of $2200 or more available for SoCal, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, and Chicago.



Sliding Scale & Healings

15% off to single women and trans folks
22% off to women/trans sex workers & pregnant people.

Inquire about my healing sessions. These sessions may be offered at a lower rate as they differ from “companionship” style dates.

Further sliding scale may be available on  healing sessions to those in need.


Some of my most rewarding work is to bring couples closer together through sensual healing. My sexuality is equally available to men, women, and non-binary folks.

I adore being a vessel to connect you and your partner in indulgent sensuality. My goal is help foster an environment of non-judgement, curiosity, and adventure for you both. I enjoy being an agent of pleasure, an accoutrement, and the spice in your bedroom.

Bring your partner and let’s explore together for an additional $150 per hour