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Hello Lover

Welcome to The Danny Gold Experience…


I am Danny Gold,

Your guide for sensual self care. I’ve been blessed with an ability to connect with folks from all walks of life. I’m an intuitive and empathic person and am able to connect deeply with my clients while remaining objective and curious.

I’m a huge proponent of relaxation and leisure, creativity and pleasure – being “in the now”. I’m a nature enthusiast, incense burner, tarot reader, and amateur astrologer – a quintessential modern LA hippie. I believe in sunshine, nourishment, and growth.

I’ve traveled a unique road that has taken me on a beautiful healing journey for myself. I’ve now learned to help others heal by sharing my experience and showing how we can settle into our bodies, open up to pleasure and vulnerability, and release energy that no longer serves us.

I’m versed in tantra, couples, BDSM & fetish, energy healing, recovery, and psychedelic journeys.

I’m here to assist your mind, spirit, and path to your most pleasurable self.

How do I book an appointment?

1- Fill out my contact/booking form. 

2- Send all needed screening info

3- Be open to the journey!

Does anyone else read our emails/text?

I am currently working  with an assistant, her name is Edna, and she is as kind, caring, and trustworthy as I – or I would not trust her with scheduling your experience.

My skills are in the energetic exchange of our time together. Edna’s administrative work allows me to be fully energized and present for you during session.

I do offer phone consultations which I highly recommend so that we can discuss things of a more delicate nature. I can get a proper introduction and start to prepare the tools and ideas appropriate for your experience.

What is your cancellation policy?
My work requires focus and preparation. Due to this, I must impose a strict cancellation fee to avoid my time being impacted negatively.
HOURLY SESSIONS: Under 48 hours – 50% of session fee.
Under 24 hours – 100% of session fee.
TOURS: Under 4 days – 50% of session fee. Under 2 days: 100% of session fee.
RETREATS/FMTY: Retreats may not be cancelled, but they may be rescheduled for free with 7 days notice. If under 7 days, fees may apply.
Do you work with all genders?
Yes! As a gender-fluid person, I find that I can work with all genders equally, as well as all sexual orientations. I feel strongly about advocating for sexual self care for all, but particularly people other than men, who may have less support in this realm.
I offer a 15% discount to women and trans folks.
Do you work with couples?

Yes! I firmly believe that couples can explore and grow together – particularly in the realm of sensuality. I’m more than happy to foster that space for couples of all genders.

Where do you provide your service?

While home in Los Angeles – I do not have a dedicated studio, although these arrangements are easy to set up! Your experience can be hosted at your home or preferred private location, or I may book a suitable hotel or bnb for your needs. 

When I am traveling, the same applies, and I am happy to host your experience wherever I am staying. 

Sign up for my newsletter to be notified of travel.

Is it appropriate to give you gifts?

Yes! I welcome gifts and tokens of appreciation of all sorts. Our work together is an intense energy exchange and I’m grateful to be rewarded with your appreciation!

You may view my amazon wish list or give a gift special to you. Please be aware I don’t use alcohol, or eat gluten, dairy, or meat. But I do love snacks!

What types of payments are accepted?

For your initial 20% deposit, an electronic payment is required. The balance is preferred in cash or crypto. 

I’m able to take cash, crypto (bitcoin, ethereum, & solana), zelle, cash app, vemmo, and in some cases – amazon gift card.

Please ask for details.